Lotiya Marcha | Stuffed Chilli | Marcha

Lotiya Marcha |  Stuffed Chilli | Marcha is Gujarati dish made with the usual lunch for giving an extra taste to your taste buds. You can also say that that it is substitute for Pickle. Make it this lip-smacking recipe for you and your love once.

Lotiya Marcha- Besan stuff Marcha Lotiya Marcha |  stuffed Chilli | Marcha
Lotiya Marcha |  stuffed Chilli | Marcha 

5 piece  Chilli
3 Tbsp Gram flour/ Besan
Salt to taste
1/4 turmeric powder
5 tsp oil
1 tsp mustard seed


1. Take a Chilli and make a slit in the center. If you are using spicy chilly then remove the seed from it.

2. Now take a bowl and add 3 tbsp besan and 1.5 tbsp oil in it and moist the flour.

3. Add salt and turmeric powder in it and mix well.

4. Now Stuff the above mixture in chillies and keep the remaining mixture for the further use.

5. Heat the pan with some oil and add the stuffed chilli in it. fry them till soft on  all side flip it with the help of spoon or fork

6. When it turns into golden brown then add the remaining mixture in it.

7. When the mixture turns aromatic then stop cook it and take out in a serving plate. While during this process stir it occasionally otherwise mixture burnt out.

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