Tikhkhi Gundi | Besan gundi

Tikhkhi Gundi | Besan gundi
Tikhkhi Gundi | Besan gundi 

1/4 cup besan /Gram flour
salt to taste
pinch of baking soda
oil for deep frying
chilli powder
chaat masala
black salt.


         Fry them on medium flame otherwise its turns into red or black. It requires some patience.


1. Take a bowl. add the flour in it

2. Add salt to taste.

3. Now add baking soda and mix all dry ingredients 

4. Gradually add some water to make poring batter. It can easily drop from the spoon.

5. Now switch on a gas flame and heat the oil in it. 

6. when the oil gets heated take colander(rice strainer) and keep over the oil and add some amount of mixture you made. Now the drops will fall into oils and the gundi will come out very nicely. you can use a spoon if the batter left in colander.

7. fry it till crispy and crunchy. 

8. Now your besan gundi is ready. your simple gundi will look like this.

9. Sprinkle some chilli powder, chaat masala and black salt. beware of adding those because these also contain salt.

10. Now you can enjoy with tea, add into savouries and mixture as well.

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