kathiyawadi Kavo

This is very famous in Gujarat during the winter season. Its have the ability to recover from cold. It gives nice effects when you have a sore throat at the time of cold and cough. It uses the basic ingredient to make it delicious hot kavo.
kathiyawadi Kavo
kathiyawadi Kavo

Let's check out the recipe for making two glass.


7- 8 mint leaves
5  Tulsi leaves
1/2 tsp grated ginger
black salt to taste
1/4 tsp coffee powder
1/4 pepper powder
1 piece of green pepper
1 Lemon


1. Switch on the gas and put a vessel on it. Pour 2 1/2 glass of water in it.

2. when the water is luck warm ten add grated ginger, crushed green pepper, pepper powder in it. And let it boil.

3. Now add black salt, coffee powder, mint and Tulsi leaves in it.

4. Let it boil when the amount of water slightly reduced then turn off the gas flame.

5. Take two glasses to add lemon juice as per your taste then filter this kavo with the he of a strainer. Serve it hot. Its relieve the congestion.

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